Sunday, 24 July 2016

Three Wishes

Three Wishes - May 2016 - NorthernShy

I’m a saver. Pick up something new & it’ll sit for a while before I wear/use it. Find that special piece that I just know would look good in my art journal but – it is stored away. Rainy day, rainy day, keep it for a rainy day. So would I use those 3 wishes? Would I make everything right; would I ask for more time; would I save the world? Or would I wait. Because that would be me. That would be something I’d do. Perhaps my first wish should be not to be me. But then my wishes still wouldn’t be wished. So I have to stay me and hold onto my three. Save them for that rainy day. And who knows, maybe that day is today. I wish I knew.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

if flowers were poems

if flowers were poems - May 2016 - NorthernShy

if flowers were poems
i'd write them all day
a story in colour
till nightfall i'd stay
the garden a notebook
the camera the pen
blooming a sentence
it's spring time again

Sunday, 10 April 2016

What I See

Winter Wings - January 2016 - Northernshy

Recognizing patterns & themes in your life can be interesting, and sometimes a little scary too. I’m thinking today about ‘sight'.

I have an Aunt who has not been able to see for quite some time.  She lives alone, far away from us, so that is a worry. More recently, I have an Uncle who is losing his sight. He also lives far away from us. Each are “out of sight”, one might say. Each one is from a different side of the family; genetics covered.

This weekend I experienced a problem with one of my eyes. A trip to the optometrist tells me that what is happening is common for people over 50. However, due to my symptoms, over the next month or so I am at risk of vision loss. 

As someone who takes photographs and creates art – my passion is related to how I see the world. This blog is where I write about how I see the world. 

I did not think until this weekend that I would suddenly be concerned about how I literally “see” the world. Troubling. And then I randomly stumble upon a video, from Quebec Tourism of all places, about the spectacular trip of a blind tourist. Well. If that doesn’t take the cake. Just when I’m worrying about vision loss (in ONE eye) I see this guy who can't see enjoying all the “sights” with such joy. Google it – it is fabulous. And it just goes to show that life really is how you see it – whether you can, or whether you can’t.  

Friday, 15 January 2016


January - January 2016 - NorthernShy

January is here, looking at us sharply, with dark, steely eyes, and a cold so cold it’s hot on our skin. What can we do, except look back at it defiantly, finding a warm edge to that hardened gaze, glinting with promises of once-in-awhile sunshine and better things to come.  January is here.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Joy to the World

Joy to the World - December 2015 - NorthernShy

I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday. We got to the mall as it was opening and the crowds were not too thick yet. My first stop was a card shop; upon entering, I heard a clerk talking to a man who was already looking quite frazzled: "Yes, we have wife cards, they are just around the other side. But if you want just love, the love is all right here." I stopped short, and I thanked her. Because it's good to know where the love is kept. At Christmas, and year round. It's good to know where the love is.

Friday, 23 October 2015


FALL-en - October 2015 - NorthernShy

My Friday Off To-Do List

Laundry Still Not Done - Yep

Groceries Still to Get - Yep

House Still to Tidy - Yep

Self Still to Get Ready for Friday Night - Yep

Fabulous Day Crunching in the Leaves in the Backyard with my Camera - Yep

Friday, 18 September 2015


Too Soon - September 2015 - NorthernShy

My face fell when I saw the yellow leaf that had fallen from the tree. Looking at the calendar, I realized that fall falls on a Wednesday this year – Wednesday of next week. Summer is falling behind fall and fall will soon fall behind winter.  Soon our city of summer dreams and autumn wishes will be felled by the snowfall. As the late summer sun falls upon the fallen leaf, I fall back in my chair and I smile, remembering that even though the calendar on the wall shows that we have so much time, the clock doesn’t always play along. I fall for this little joke every fall.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Pocket Full of Love

Blue Jay Feather - July 2015 - NorthernShy

The Mr found a Blue Jay feather while out with the guys playing 18 holes of golf the other day. He gently wrapped it in a golf glove, and tucked it carefully inside a pocket of his golf bag. A few hours later, when he arrived home, he actually remembered that he had it, and he gingerly removed it from where he'd stored it. Lying it across his palm, he smiled, and said: "I've brought you a present".  He does know me.  And that's love, isn't it?  Even though it's strong, and you can soar way up into the sky with it, it's fragile too, and it must be treated carefully. And sometimes, sometimes it must simply be remembered that you have it.

Saturday, 13 June 2015

The Magic Box

The Magic Box - May 2015 - NorthernShy

The magic box revealed itself to me when it was ready. I'd been out walking in a town that was not my own, when I grabbed a shot of the streetscape on my iPhone. Didn't even notice the name over the little store on the edge of the frame. Later, playing around with some photo editing apps, I liked the colours and the way everything in the image was blurred, and I put my work away, thinking I was done with it. But I didn't post the image, perhaps aware on some level that something was missing. Now I'm browsing my photos, when suddenly, the words I hadn't even noticed are all I can see on the original. They are practically glowing.  Here we are; there is magic right here; this is why you grabbed that shot, even if you were not really "seeing" it until now. It was a reminder to me to always look for the magic, even if it isn't obvious that there is magic around. Because it is always there somewhere, just waiting for you to notice it, clear away the blur, and give it the prominence it deserves. 

Monday, 27 April 2015

A Shed in the Woods

Morning Sun - April 2015 - NorthernShy

a shed in the woods
a place by the tree
a place to be mine
a place to be me

there'd be lots of red
and orange and rust
in my cozy retreat
a fire is a must

there'd have to be sun
in the window for sure
the warmth on my face
surely always a cure

there'd be paints
and big brushes
inks. pastels. it all gushes
not a mess being made
not a mess.
it's just luscious

there'd be kittens. a cat
little paws in the paint
a companion in art
a critic he ain't

there'd be photos and cameras
lots of books
and some tea
all these things that are needed
all these things
that are me

Sunday, 15 March 2015

One Last Petal

Petalicious - March 2015 - NorthernShy

The tulips that I picked up the other day are showing their age; I’m down to one last petal. Puttering with my camera and these faded flowers got my mind wandering about the birthday I had this week.  It was on the very day that a new Physiotherapist was surprised to hear my age. I’ve heard that before, and my initial reaction was: ‘Hurray, I’ve still got it”.  But – got what?  A 30-something aura?  A 40-something sheen? It’s almost too much pressure; how do I keep it up when I don’t know what it is? When will it all come crashing down?  More importantly, why does it matter? I’ve still been able to make some photo magic with what is left of those pretty tulips.  When I’m down to one last petal, and everyone can see it, won’t there still be some use for me too?

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Tulip Tiara

Tulip Tiara - March 2015 - NorthernShy

Went to the Saturday Market yesterday & pick up a little bouquet of tulips. I’ve had a great day, photographing them from every angle - and the sun is out and the time has changed and the birds are singing – and I’m ready to throw this tulip tiara on my head and dance down the street throwing the winter cobwebs into the wind.  But it is only 1 degree.  And if I have to do my dance in snow boots instead of bare feet … well, it just wouldn’t be the same would it?  But it’s coming.  Soon spring will be everywhere and not just in my step.  Yay tulips. 

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever - February 2015 - NorthernShy

Winter. On your bike. Shove off. We’ve had enough of you. Went for a walk the other day and got some shots but everything is still white grey white grey white grey. Everything is jackets & mitts & stumbling over ice & snow. No signs of spring yet with -25 in the forecast & more snow on the way. Staying cozy by the fireplace is not as romantic now as it is in December. Now we have cabin fever. Now we see things in the flames if we stare too long. There's been too much crunching in on ourselves against the cold. Too much bundling up.  With February at the door and March coming up the walkway, we want to shed our layers and stand tall again – breathing deep. We need sunshine & we need colour; kindling for the fire in our souls that has kept us warm these long months but now only smoulders, threatening to burn out. We need that spark to ignite.  We need our white to be white hot. Come on Winter. On your bike.